Experts in green business development and reporting

Fremsyn brings innovation and efficiency to the world of reporting. We offer advanced automation solutions that free your company's time and resources from burdensome data collection and processing. With our user-defined systems, you can quickly and accurately generate green accounts, in accordance with current standards and guidelines.

We understand the importance of green accounting as a tool to measure and communicate a company's environmental performance. By automating this process, we mitigate the risk of errors and create more opportunities for strategic analysis and decision-making, allowing your team to focus on impactful initiatives.

Other services:

Fleet Analysis

Fleet analyzes with a focus on green and sustainable fuels.

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Fremsyn is an expert in green business development.

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REDcert/ISCC Certification

Fremsyn is a reliable partner in biogas plant certification.

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GHG emissions calculation

Fremsyn helps accurately determine your carbon footprint.

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Construction management

Fremsyn handles the construction management of biogas plants and gas infrastructure.

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Biomass supply

Procurement and logistics of biomass for biogas plants in an efficient and professional manner.

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