Specialists in certification requirements

At Fremsyn, we are experts in the Biogas and Biomethane industry. Collaborating seamlessly with our affiliated gas trading company, Biogas Express A/S, we offer a comprehensive range of skills and services.

Our specialization includes the creation of meticulous documentation, mass balances, and Proofs of Sustainability (PoS). The seasoned team at Fremsyn works hand-in-hand with biogas plants to optimize production and furnish precise documentation. Additionally, we extend support to biogas plants in maintaining or obtaining necessary certifications.

Entering into a trade agreement with Biogas Express A/S opens up the possibility of leveraging all of Fremsyn's competencies, encompassing mass balances, PoS, and certifications.

Other services:

Fleet Analysis

Fleet analyzes with a focus on green and sustainable fuels.

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Fremsyn is an expert in green business development.

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REDcert/ISCC Certification

Fremsyn is a reliable partner in biogas plant certification.

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GHG emissions calculation

Fremsyn helps accurately determine your carbon footprint.

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Construction management

Fremsyn handles the construction management of biogas plants and gas infrastructure.

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Biomass supply

Procurement and logistics of biomass for biogas plants in an efficient and professional manner.

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